• Huseyin Karatas

    Huseyin Karatas

    volunteer in a mosque

  • An van den Akker

    An van den Akker

    organizes art contests in the neighborhood

  • Farid Fazazi

    Farid Fazazi

    volunteer in a hang out for youngsters

  • Assia Elakdim

    Assia Elakdim

    confidante for young girls in need

  • Faruk Gunay

    Faruk Gunay

    stands for affordable housing

  • Helen Dap

    Helen Dap

    volunteer in a church and a school

  • Howard Kramer

    Howard Kramer

    volunteer in a theater group

  • Isa Seven

    Isa Seven

    volunteer in a mosque

  • Khalil Aitblal

    Khalil Aitblal

    organises open lectures in a mosque

  • Mrs Biemans en mrs Buiman

    Mrs Biemans en mrs Buiman

    hold together a network for elders

  • Safoan Mokhtari

    Safoan Mokhtari

    front man of a rap band who organizes debates

  • Wil Offerman

    Wil Offerman

    volunteer in a playground

  • Sahin Yakar-Kamer

    Sahin Yakar-Kamer

    cooks for neighbors in need

  • Zhoura Madrhoume

    Zhoura Madrhoume

    helps students with learning problems

  • Tuba Cenan

    Tuba Cenan

    gives support lessons for children in primary school

  • Jerry Augustin

    Jerry Augustin

    Initiator of a food project within a resurrection church